Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Ode

Oh, sweet, sweet vacation- how I love you.  In my life, I've always gone from job to job straight away- no vacations in between.  And, when I've taken vacation time it was generally with a purpose in mind: going here!  going there!  visiting you!  visiting them!  seeing that!  doing this!  (with the exception of a day here or there just bumming around)  This is the first time I've had an extended amount of vacation time to just be, and hang out with no real agenda.  and OH!  Do I ever love it!  I'm giddy with freedom.  So, while vacation is short lived, I'm gonna soak it up and enjoy it to the max.  Just you watch out vacation, cuz here I come and I'm gonna love you up!!!

(Don't be fooled though- I do have a to-do list and it goes like this: sleep in; eat cake for breakfast; watch funny morning TV (Ellen Degeneres, you crack me up); take the dog for a walk; nap time; clean the house wash the dishes organize closet sort out the basement plaster the hole in the ceiling touch up the paint replace kitchen baseboard mow the lawn; visit with friends; watch the sunset; enjoy a margarita... you know, stuff like that.)

1 comment:

  1. Here's something else for your list: My daughter would like you to come over and do needle felting with her as you mentioned once in the shop. She wants to start her project but we don't know what to do!

    WV: Owhai. Sounds like a lolcat.